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Masternode Col to 2M

Right out of the gate, the new ownership decided that certain fundamental changes needed to take place so that more of the community could partake in the experience of having a masternode. During the bull run of 2017, many of the bigger masternode names in cryptocurrency had pricetags in the tens of thousands of dollars.

As the transfer of ownership took place, it cost 30 million LindaCoin to buy a masternode and participate in that reward program associated with helping the blockchain via this method.
However, the team wanted more people to have the opportunity to have a masternode, and lowered the amount of coins needed to 2 million. This drop added over 1,000 nodes to the list and greatly contributed to the blockchain by having more masternodes running on it. The community enjoyed this change, and continues to embrace the ability to own a masternode at this quantity. Metrix expects to keep this number of coins needed as the threshold for a masternode indefinitely.

(released on March 31, 2018)
Vendit Agreement

When we first met Mike Hu from VENDIT we thought he was crazy. Offering the ability for cryptocurrency to be offered in a debit card and spent at any store was something out of science fiction -- But as time has progressed we’ve seen VENDIT turn into something way more than just an idea.
Through incredible hard work and an amazingly talented team VENDIT has come through with creating a payment processing company accepted at a TON of well known useful places including Uber.
We have secured Metrix cards through VENDIT for use at any of their retailers, and we’re super excited moving forward to assist in VENDIT’s growth in any way we can, and are proud to be one of the first supporters of this amazing program

(released on April 9, 2018)
Whopper IO Partnership

A huge partnership from the past year was between Metrix and Whopper. Whopper is a premier supplier of cryptocurrency cold storage cards. Cold storage allows cryptocurrency holders the upmost security by keeping the coins of exchanges, wallets, and other third party application.

With a Whopper card for Metrix, users are able to purchase Metrix and send it to the address printed on the card that only the user will be have access to. This means that the only person with digital access to this address is the user through having the physical card. Whopper is fast becoming the leader in cold storage solutions, and Metrix has their own cards with company designs. Giveaways are routinely done where Whopper packages are sent to users with the cards preloaded with Metrix on them as a prize to those that won.

Regardless of whether you win a giveaway or not, it’s a good idea to have sole control of your private keys if you aren’t staking or running a masternode with your Metrix coins. The solution is simple: Whopper cold storage and Metrix

(released on May 12, 2018)
MyNodePool Launch

The creation of MyNodePool was almost entirely out of request by our users who didn’t want to pay for a monthly VPS but were struggling finding a trustworthy safe place to keep their coins.
One of the things we realized quickly with MyStakingWallet is that not everyone has a computer that is capable of being online 24/7 to stake, and even then some people don’t have a computer at all

What was worse was that because MyStakingWallet had large costs for us to operate meant that a good chunk of users in far away countries couldn’t afford the USD costs associated with a MSW account.

Because of this we took it upon ourselves to create a pool that all of our users could participate in regardless of their locale or computer skills. One that allowed people to feel secure when leaving their coins in a pool because they knew they could trust the operators. Expanding MyNodePool would become an inevitability to us in the near future, as more users began using it we began expanding and offering more coins to pool.

(released on June 18, 2018)
MyStakingWallet Launch

The start of MyStakingWallet is complicated, but the idea had spurted out of a constant desire and search for a competent, non custodial wallet service that offered the ability to do anything a full node could, while also retaining mobile access. After much searching and being unable to find such a wallet on the market We figured why not make it ourselves? This is where the many months of research and development came in, building the first mobile staking and MN wallet that runs full nodes ALL the time while still being fully non custodial. The need for a solid wallet isn’t exclusive to our team either, we believe truly and fully that a great wallet is the start of adoption. If it is easy to use, people will use it

(released on June 30, 2018)
MyStakingWallet App Release

Once we completed most of the MyStakingWallet application and had our beta testers using the web portion, we knew it was time to get our mobile apps working. For us mobile apps were a requirement, as we knew that there would be no ‘mass adoption’ on a web wallet, it needed to work on your phone and it needed to do it well.
Abiding by all of the rules and regulations for each app hoster was not easy, Apple in particular makes it very hard with restrictions to what kinds of things can be stored on the device itself make interfacing with a wallet an outside-job. Through many reviews and a little bit of clever programming we were able to get our Apple app passed -- the hard part was over! Google has a much more lenient stance on Cryptocurrency as a whole and they had no issues with our application.

Originally we had posted our apps with a small cost, but we found that to be rather counter-intuitive.. If we wanted everyone to use our wallet, we’d have to make the application as freely accessible as costs would allow, and that meant switching the app to free once released.

(released on June 30, 2018)
Aircoins Partnership

Aircoins is soon to be crypto’s largest augmented reality platform. Using the Aircoins platform, users are able to collect coins, trade coins, and develop new economies. Thousands of people will be able to use cryptocurrencies in microtransactions in this virtual world.
As technologies evolve to blend virtual reality with our own, Aircoins is at the forefront of technological innovations.

That being said, it is no surprise that Metrix is a proud partner with Aircoins. As one of the early partners of Aircoins, people will be able to collect Metrix. Users will also be able to send Metrix that are found straight to their wallets, as well as use them in the aforementioned microtransactions. Metrix will be a prominent cryptocurrency on this outstanding interactive augmented reality platform. Using your phone, you can traverse your hometown, or anywhere you find yourself, and search out Metrix coins. It’s a fun and easy way to collect Metrix and other cryptocurrencies! Let’s go exploring!

(released on August 1, 2018)
Static MN Rewards

The teams decision to enforce a static masternode payment amount was mostly twofold:
We wanted a way to easily control the ‘fairness’ of the masternode flow, whereas if all masternodes have the same collateral requirements, then they all should also be paid the same, in the same relative time span as others.

Another bonus from this implementation was that we were able to more effectively control users ability to game a masternode for multiple rewards or faster reward times by standardizing the payments

(released on August 15, 2018)
LindaX Community PreSale

With LindaX we wanted to let our community know that it would be very closely tied to Linda (Metrix) itself in a lot of ways

This was important to us because we didn’t want our community to feel like we were abandoning Linda in some way, or moving onto a different project. Quite the opposite was happening and with LindaX we expand the reach of our platforms as a whole. we wanted to show our community that we cared about both aspects and that neither would take precedence over the other, and so we came up with the community presale. This gave everyone an opportunity (No matter what country they reside in) to take part in the ICO or presale of LindaX itself by swapping Linda for LX. This was a resounding success with many many of our users taking part and grabbing their piece of LX for later use. Without this presale we wouldn’t have been able to procure the partners we have for LX.

(released on August 24, 2018)
100% POS Changeover

In 2018, Metrix made the move away from being a hybrid Proof of Work/Proof of Stake (PoW/PoS) coin to be POS exclusively. Many reasons were had for taking such action, including a greater focus on staking and masternodes, as well as a friendler environmental approach to cryptocurrency. We all have read the reports over the previous few years about the toll that mining rigs have taken on the environment via their large reliance on the use of electricity to keep the miners’ equipment up and running. With PoS, Metrix has done away with bulky mining solutions and allows users to run their wallets from their laptops, desktops, or mobile phones, greatly reducing carbon emissions that are so detrimental to the Earth. This focus on environmental sustainability has made Metrix a global cryptocurrency leader in this arena.

As mentioned, the decision to do away with PoW has led to a more concise focus on PoS technology. Seeking mass adoption involves incorporating easy-to-use solutions to what can sometimes be an overwhelming process for those not attuned with how technology works. By creating user friendly applications like our wallets, pool, and mobile apps, Metrix has made staking coins easier than it has ever been. In most cases, the average user can start up the Metrix application of their choice, hit one button, and start to see results. Over the past year, the new ownership has listened to the community who talk openly about their support for the staking process, and the excitement over being a part of the Metrix network. Being rewarded for their work is only fair, and we want as many members of the Metrix community to feel the joy of being a part of a cryptocurrency network.

(released on September 4, 2018)
SocialSend Partnership

Our decision to list on SOCIAL SEND’s platform was realistically a no-brainer for us. The fine guys at SEND have worked hard and long on bringing their users an effective way to tip/pay other users through social media with crypto! We jumped at the chance to work with these passionate guys and allow our users to send Metrix through their preferred social media site! Their platform has been up and successfully running for nearly a year now and it works flawlessly! Give them a look at

(released on September 26, 2018)
SwirlPay Partnership

SWIRLpay is an ecommerce-focused payment processing application run by the fine folks behind WHOPPER, those revolutionary cold storage cards with built in QR codes.
SWIRL allows anyone to integrate crypto payments into their shopify or other ecommerce platforms with just a few clicks of a button. Their commitment to adoption falls right in line with our core principles here at Metrix and so we jumped at the chance to partner with these fine fellows. If you have an ecommerce shop and would like to accept Metrix payments be sure to check out

(released on October 13, 2018)
Trajectory Testnet

The LindaX testnet was of much thought to our team, both the details of it’s working and access as well as what we should be naming it. We stuck with the orbital mechanics theme because we thought it suited the project well, and thus Trajectory was born. With low cost gas and a free developer faucet, along with all sorts of contract testing tools Trajectory has served a great purpose in allowing future Tokens and other platforms to test their code on our platform before committing the work and gas costs to execute
This allows developers to fine tune and create the applications that truly work well

(released on October 14, 2019)
MyStakingWallet Push Notifications

During our first 6 months of development after MyStakingWallet was running, one of the most requested features continually was Push Notifications for stakes, payments and withdrawals. The reaction from our community made it certain that when it came time to adding new features to MSW, Push notifications were first up on the list!
Now we offer the convenience of notifications on any device you have the wallet connected to! Phones, watches, tv’s, microwaves -- If you can run our app on it, it'll tell you when you’ve got a reward.

(released on October 24, 2019)
IDAX Listing

One of the most requested moves that the Metrix team heard this year from the community was to be listed on a cryptocurrency exchange that dealt in high volume. The team delivered.

Near the end of 2018, Linda was listed for trading on the Mongolian based exchange Idax, a top-10 exchange by volume. The new exchange opened up higher liquidity for Metrix supporters, and increased the reach Metrix is hoping to see globally by tapping into the Asian marketplace. The new exchange listing came at just the right time as well. Only weeks after opening this avenue, New Zealand based crytpocurrency exchange Cryptopia had to shut down all activity due to a hack. This was Metrix’s largest volume exchange, and with Idax available, those looking to buy Metrix had another higher profile option, alongside CoinExchange. This feat has really helped Metrix in 2019, as Idax is now routinely bringing in volume of 5-10 btc per day during the beginning of the new bull run in cryptocurrency.
Creating new high profile listings on top-10 exchanges is not always as easy as simply saying that a new exchange needs to happen. It takes hard work, receptive exchanges, and capital. Metrix was able to accomplish this monumental goal, and added to its list of goals achieved in the past year. The community responded with more support than ever before, and the future of adding even more exchanges remains on the radar for the ownership at Metrix!
Idax website -

(released on October 27, 2019)
LindaX Wallet

When creating the tools our users would interact with LindaX using we had many options for a wallet. We could have done a custom altitude style wallet using Electron and AngularJS like we did for Metrix/Linda.
But instead we decided to be more true to the base chain that we were changing and so we came up with a mist-style wallet where all tokens could be tracked (Along with the main LX coin) This turned out to be one of the better choices we made here as our wallet came out very similar in operation to the classic mist wallet that many users became comfortable with using via ETH
This meant that switching a business to LX or using LX at any of it’s vendors would be a breeze for anyone familiar with token trading on the ETH chain.

(released on November 10, 2018)
LindaX Launch

Launching LindaX (LX) has been a challenging, but rewarding process. The initial community coin swap of LX/LINDA is extremely promising, but obstacles were met. The ICO process was less effective as projected, hindering our fund raising targets. Compounded with the uncooperative exchanges for pair listings, certain movement was restricted. However, adversity allowed our team the ability to adapt and overcome. These particular challenges created a focal point dynamic, ultimately changing our approach and strategy. Now our targeted market/clients are more defined. With a proper rebrand and clear vision centered on these specific institutions, we're more confident that LX will be adopted and utilized more than previously intended.

(released on November 15, 2018)
9 Coins Listed MyStakingWallet

MyNodePool (MNP) is one of the most trusted and utilized multi-coin pooling service. MNP provides users with a secure platform to pool their funds together with other network contributors. MNP supplies users with the ability to “collectively stake” one of the 9 available listed digital assets. By participating in MNP, users receive consistent decentralized payments on a daily basis. This service is extremely beneficial for contributors that have more conservative amounts of these digital assets, or lack masternode capabilities. MNP has a widespread user-base reaching international engagement and on average has approximately $500,000 – $1.5M overall balance of pooled funds. With a built in support system and updates being implemented, there is no question as to why MNP is the industry leading choice.

(released on December 21, 2018)
Altitude Wallet Release

With the release of our Altitude Wallet, we’ve officially moved away from the standard more complicated QT wallet format and into Electron based wallet. Electron uses JavaScript which is a more popular framework, meaning our developers don’t have to be proficient/fluent in c++ language. Using Electron framework, we’ll be able to integrate our other products into the same software. Metrix, MSW, MNP, LX, and any future products or services will have the ability to be integrated into the same software, but without the burden of operating in QT framework. It also provides more visually pleasing apps than 80% of the industry standard UI.

(released on December 30, 2018)
GMG Construction

Grudge Match Gaming (GMG) is an esports platform created for gamers to capitalize on their skill level. GMG is defined not only by the benefits it offers to esports enthusiast, but also separates itself by NOT implementing the same methods as leading competitive gaming platforms. The idea of GMG was born due to grievances from gamers in regard to the operation and functionality of the already established arenas. So, the foundation on which Grudge Match was constructed is passion to deliver solutions to a deserving community.
The most challenging part of building GMG was gaining consensus on direction, practicality, and execution. However, those same obstacles have allowed our team to submerge ourselves in the culture and provided valuable insight, securing the future of GMG in the esports realm.

(Started on january 10, 2019)
Seattle Gummies Partnership

Real world partnerships between businesses and cryptocurrency will lead to mass adoption, and the team at Metrix strikes at the opportunities to make these deals happen. As witnessed in 2018 with the partnership between Metrix and Washington based brand Seattle Gummy Company.
Seattle Gummy is an innovative, forward-thinking producer of “Functional Gummies” that deliver effective and efficient methods of delivering active ingredients that taste great! Seattle Gummy has made it possible for purchasers of their products to pay for their transactions with Metrix, and we couldn’t be more proud to be partnered with Dr. Connie Wan’s award-winning gummies.

To find out more about Seattle Gummy and to purchase their products, please visit the link below. Of course, this is just another example of the hard work in one of many avenues of business growth that the Metrix team undertakes everyday when we come to work. It is by securing these long-lasting relationships with Main Street businesses that we take the entire industry closer to the front doors of the world. We hope to continue delivering these partnerships in the future on an ongoing basis, making Metrix a leader in mass adoption.

Website: Seattle Gummy Company

(released on Feburary 28, 2019)
Broke Top 100 on CryptoMiso

One of the greatest improvements that the new ownership has done at Metrix is take on talented, experienced developers to improve the Metrix blockchain. With questionable projects and teams in the cryptocurrency industry, it is imperative that Metrix showcase their commitment to being the hardest workers in the business so that anyone who looks into the project will be confident in knowing that this development team is one that strives for perfection and legitimacy.
Working tirelessly over the past year, Metrix has climbed up the ranks of active development teams. Breaking into the top-100 of all the projects in cryptocurrency. Currently, over 2000 teams exist, so Metrix takes great pride in the work ethic put forth, and in May of 2019 were ecstatic to be ranked as the 82nd busiest team in all of crypto. This is a great achievement, but far from where Metrix is headed. We hold steadfast in our desire to be a top-10 cryptocurrency project that all the industry can look to for an example of what it takes to create and innovate at the highest level.
We strongly believe that development is the precursor to any other gains that a project can enjoy, and will continue to devote the necessary resources to our goal of global dominance.

CryptoMiso github rankings -

(released on March 4, 2019)
GMG BetaTesting

Beta testing Grudge Match Gaming (GMG) was absolutely essential for providing our targeted user-base the best experience possible. Our goal was/is to enhance the esports arena, and improve the lifestyle of individual gamers, teams, leagues, and organizations. Screening and assigning the proper beta-testers was imperative to ensuring GMG appeals to the necessary demographic. Utilizing engaged and perceptive beta-testers allows our team to provide a platform that gamers and cryptocurreny enthusiast can enjoy daily.
Through our beta process and testers we have discovered not only bugs and simple changes that had to be made, but also how to manufacture an intuitive layout for maximum efficiency.

(started on April 1, 2019)
GMG Gambling License

Before physically manifesting Grudge Match Gaming (GMG), our team was committed to doing research and investigating the legality of such a platform. The legal exploration provided direction, ultimately leading us to acquiring highly respected and competent legal counsel. Our legal representation has abundant experience with online gambling, representing some of the largest online betting platforms available. By solidifying our relationship and representation with this accomplished law firm, we are extremely confident GMG will abide to all laws without the possiblity of legal discourse.
GMG will be fully compliant and all proper licensing will be fulfilled. This dynamic allows our users to feel secure while engaging in activities on this platform.

(released on May 15, 2019)
Metrix Rebrand

Although the rebrand of Linda to Metrix was a demanding and laborious endeavor, rebranding our entity was requisite for obtaining the perception our community and company deserve. Our current team weren’t involved in the initial naming of Linda. After inheriting Linda and transfer of ownership, our team decided to continue operations under the Linda title. While focusing on building our community and core fundamentals, rebranding wasn’t exactly priority.

However, after gauging market sentiment and calculating scheduling, our team decided it was time for a positive change. The purpose of committing to these cosmetic changes is to add appeal more congenial to the blockchain environment.
The name Metrix was chosen to reflect scalability, and a unit of measurement providing tangible results.

Read more about Rebrand in this article:

(released on June 7, 2019)
MyStakingWallet 14 Coins Listed

MyStakingWallet (MSW) is the first of its kind. A truly unique wallet that allows users to stake their coins or run masternodes from the convenience of their mobile devices. One of the best features is the easy 1-click masternode setup. Of course there will also be further development and features implemented coming soon. Currently there is a 14 coin selection, so users have the ability to stake or operate masternodes for any and all of these coins listed. MSW will continue to grow with new coin listing additions, making a simplistic, yet quality staking experience for all users.

(released on June 26, 2019)
Head First Synching

Establishing and implementing head-first syncing will be the pivotal point for Metrix adoption. One of the major issues with blockchain solution businesses or cryptocurrency entities is the ability to provide easy-to-use applications or products. A mandatory condition for acceptance and use, although remedial, is speed of loading applications. With head-first syncing users will be able to sync the entire Metrix blockchain in a few hours as well as add the ability to integrate stand alone light nodes on the network for mobile devices.

(est. completion: August, 2019)
MSW Fiat Intergration

A significant evolution will take place on MyStakingWallet (MSW). Our team has decided to take MSW to the next level by integrating fiat. This amazing feature will allow users to purchase or sell digital assets from the convenience of their mobile devices, no exchanges necessary. Implementing fiat will be crucial to the mainstream acceptance of the MSW product.
It will bring novice/experienced contributors an option for transforming their funds without dealing with the complexities or security issues users face with exchanges.

(est. completion August, 2019)
LindaX Wallet Syncing Fix / Altitude Integration

Our LindaX (LX) wallet is due for upgrading as well. Coming with the rebrand of LX, we are solving the current syncing issues. Our solution will be to integrate the LX wallet into our Altitude wallet. This will solve the current syncing problems and allow users to hold all of their favorite coins including LX, LX tokens and Metrix in the same wallet with full functionality.

(est. completion September, 2019)
Subscriptions Contract

To continue our push for mainstream Metrix adoption, our team intends to add a new smart contract into it’s blockchain to allow subscription payments. This will allow businesses to utilise Metrix as a payment method for their subscription based products and services. Users will simply authorise a subscription contract from their nominated address and the network will automatically pay that subscription at each designated interval.

(est. completion October, 2019)
Multilevel Masternodes

Our developers plan on implementing Multi-level masternodes. This exciting development will provide tiered masternodes for our larger contributors. This feature will allow contributors to run multiple masternodes as one masternode. For example, if you possess 15 masternodes (2 million Metrix collateral per masternode), you would have the ability to run one 30 million masternode. This will lower the operating cost, for an overall more efficient and financially beneficial experience

(est. completion November, 2019)
Metrix Lock Blocks

In our effort to eliminate the possibility of 51% attacks on the Metrix chain, our team has decided to enable MRX “Lock Blocks”. This allows the masternodes contributing to the network to vote on the current block, if the masternodes reach consensus, then that block will be locked in the main chain. This action can’t be reversed by a longer chain. Thus preventing 51% attacks and creating double spending.

(est. completion December, 2019)
Metrix 20 Year Reward Plan

Of importance to the team in building Metrix is to build a project that has a long term future. With this roadmap task, we will layout the rewards structure for forward estimates of 20 years. This will ensure the coins longevity until 2040. We will work with our community to build a rewards structure that rewards early adopters but also balances inflationary concerns with having too high a level of payment.

(est. completion December, 2019)
Full MNP Upgrade

Of the recent updates taking place, MyNodePool’s (MNP) update will be officiated as well. This update will include the full automation of of MNP’s functionality. Also, that will liberate our faculty from managing this service. These changes will enhance the MNP platform security, expedite transfers, deposits, and withdraws. With the updated UI, more amiable, and visually gratifying layout, our user-base will notice a positive variation with this transition.

(est. completion January, 2020)
GMG Mobile App Release

Grudge Match Gaming (GMG) will be producing a mobile application. This application will allow users a streamline view to upcoming matches, directly challenge other users, place side bets, register for tournaments, transfer funds, and much more. The website allows users to interact with the platform in a more detailed manner, and the mobile app will provide features for users to interact with the platform in a more simplistic fashion from their mobile devices. The GMG mobile app will be designed for users to experience our platform through out their day regardless of location and add in the benefit of push notifications.

(est. completion January/Feburary, 2020)
Metrix Instant Transactions

One of the features of our robust Masternode network is the ability to add in Instant Transactions. By utilising Instant Transactions, our system will reserve a number of individual masternodes for the process of instantly confirming your send. The result is an instant 10 confirmations into the blockchain. Where this becomes of extreme value is with merchants. It allows us to build systems that can instantly confirm a sale is approved at the point of sale.

(est. completion Feburary, 2020)
Metrix Short Addresses

One of the more adoption centric features that our team will introduce is Metrix (MRX) Short Addresses. These Short Addresses will bridge the gap for all ages and levels of familiarity with blockchain technology. This element will supply novice or experienced users the option to create a shorter address for a transaction destination. Instead of long alphabetical and numerical wallet addresses, which is standard up to date, Metrix users and contributors will be capable of creating a smaller transaction address.

Once implemented, the Short Address feature will allow you to easily change a long complicated address into something as simple as your name or keyword. For example: "Send 10,000 MRX to Oxfish".

(est. completion March, 2020)
Merchant Payments in MSW

Merchant payments will be simplified with the ability to create an ‘invoice’ or send payment through MyStakingWallet. This means by simply pulling out your phone you can pay your local business in Metrix (or supported coins) with one press.

(est. completion April, 2020)
Binance Chain Autoswap

This revolutionary technology will allow our chain to interact seamlessly with the Binance Chain. While having multiple benefits the main benefit is that it will allow Metrix coin be in a position to be listed on Binance Dex (subject to following listing criteria and acceptance by validators).

(est. completion March, 2020)
Hotswapping coins on MSW

Allowing users to be able to hot swap crypto through My Staking Wallet will be a major step forward in simplifying the exchange of cryptocurrencies without the use of traditional exchanges. Users will no longer have to worry about going to an exchange to purchase their crypto with Bitcoin. They will be able to instantly exchange one crypto with another without ever leaving the MSW platform. Users will be able to swap their crypto and instantly store and stake it on the best performing mobile staking platform available in both Apple App Store and Google play.

(est. completion April/May, 2020)
Metrix Atomic Swaps

As one of our long standing development goals, Atomic Swaps is set to be one of the major milestones of the MRX chain. Atomic swaps allows you to swap cross chain with other cryptos and avoid the safety risks and costs associated with traditional exchanges.

(est. completion May/June, 2020)
MSW 50 Coins Listed

MyStakingWallet (MSW) was our first application, providing multiple communities with a simplistic user-friendly mobile wallet. We aim to make 50 additional coins available on MSW this year. Listing 50 more coins on MSW will help with the adoption of multiple different digital assets, and benefit the blockchain industry collectively, on a global scale.
This tactic further opens Metrix to cross promotion with exposure to other communities, and potentially integration with or adoption by those communities. This milestone will be mutually beneficial to Metrix and all additional listings, while also exhibiting the advantages in the eco-friendly method of staking and running masternodes right from the convenience of the users mobile device.

(est. completion March/June, 2020)